For those looking to renovate part or all of their current home LUCON Property can assist.

From kitchen to bathroom renovations, multi-room re-design or a complete knock down and rebuild, we will ensure your home renovation is an easy and a hassle free experience.

Through sourcing the correct architect or draftsman, if required, to working with high quality trades people and suppliers during the renovation process, LUCON Property provides a full service renovation experience.

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Why Renovate?


Renovations and general home improvements are considerations that cross many home owners. Whether your intentions are to renovate and sell, live, or rent, renovating allows you to revive an old or unloved home converting it into a dream development that is sure to build you wealth and personal satisfaction. LUCON Property understands that the reasons for renovating are not always the same and can vary from lifestyle improvements to accommodating a larger family or even financial gain therefore a successful plan is needed to ensure all boxes are ticked off at the end of the process. Below are some hints and tips to a success renovation:

home Renovation
  1. Know the market

If you are purchasing a property ensure that you have researched the area and the potential project effectively through multiple inspections and recent sales results. Take time to also understand the amount of renovation work needed in order to create your vision.

  1. Make a wish list

Run though the home room by room and take notes as to what changes you would like and what changes are needed. If you’re going to do it then do it right the first time.

  1. Decide on a Budget

Make your budget realistic to the amount of work you would like done. Don’t cut corners and prioritise your items to fit within your budget.

  1. Trust the specialists

LUCON Property we will ensure that your project runs smoothly and on time. We will be with the project every step of the way leading to total satisfaction of your end result.

  1. What can you do to save money?

If you are game enough to do some work yourself select items that you feel you could do to help save you money such as landscaping or even painting.

  1. Will I need a place to stay?

Questions are generally asked as to where you should stay during your renovation experience. At times renovations allow for the owners to live within the property however should the renovation comprise of an entire home than a family members house or a rental is your best option.

  1. Feel great about what you have achieved

Don’t forget to take a step back and embrace what you now have and the journey you have been on. You deserve it.